Obligations for the distributor of cosmetic products

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To distribute a cosmetic product in the European Union produced by a third-party under the brand of the “Responsible Person”, it is necessary to comply with some obligations defined in Article 6 of the European Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. 

We would like to show you some main ones as listed below:

  • The distributor must check the product label: It has to be made in the local language and comply with all the labeling requirements provided for by the European Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. It is not necessary for the Distributor to appear on the label with it’s own address, while the data of the Responsible Person (company name and full address) must be present.
  •  If the Responsible Person didn’t already notified the product to the CPNP in the country where the distributor operates, the distributor must register itself to the SAAS system as a distributor and notify the product to the CPNP, going to recall the original notification made by the Responsible Person.
  • The distributor must not make the product available if it does not comply with the requirements established by the European regulation; if a cosmetic product that he has made available on the market is later found not to be compliant, the distributor must immediately intervene with the withdrawal from the market, coordinating with the Responsible Person and collaborating with the competent Authorities, where necessary.
  • In case the non-conformity of the cosmetic product represents a risk to human health, the distributor must immediately inform the Responsible Person and the competent authorities of the state in which the product was placed on the market.

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