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2210, 2021

OnBeauty by Cosmoprof

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OnBeauty by Cosmoprof has inaugurated the season of face-to-face cosmetic fairs! From 9 to 13 September 2021 in Bologna, over 1100 brands from 20 countries and almost 50,000 professionals came to meet again. […]

609, 2021

The Responsible Person

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In order to place a cosmetic product on the European market, a key figure is the Responsible Person. The Responsible Person must be a natural or legal person who assumes responsibility and guarantees the conformity and safety of the product in accordance with the European regulation.Today let’s see together what are the requirements for the Responsible Person for a cosmetic product and what are the tasks of this figure. […]

2307, 2021

Database of public alerts on non-compliant products: The Safety Gate

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The Safety Gate is a rapid alert system which enables the quick exchange of information between EU/EEA member states, the UK and the European Commission about dangerous non-food products posing a risk to health and safety of consumers. Cosmetic products are also subject to this system: let’s see more details together. […]

907, 2021

Are the SDS of your products compliant to the new regulation?

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Finished cosmetic products, that is, ready-to-use for consumers, are not required to have a safety data sheet; However, cosmetic manufacturers are obliged to provide this document to professional users along the production and packaging chain to give all the necessary information on how to work the product safely. From 1 January 2021 the new Regulation (EU) 2020/878 is in force, which introduces numerous innovations regarding the information that must be included in the SDS. […]

2506, 2021

Cosmetics fairs: finally it is back!

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In the last year, due to the health situation, most of the fairs in the cosmetic sector have been suspended or canceled. Finally, after a long wait, some fairs are back on schedule for 2021/2022. Check out our calendar to find out which events you can't miss!<! - more ->The sector fairs represent an important opportunity to get to know the market, find business opportunities and interact with the most diverse stakeholders.They take on an even more important significance after the abundant year of suspension imposed by the pandemic situation: returning to personally meet the players in the sector allows new and fruitful collaborations, and the strengthening of those already established previously.In our calendar we have summarized for you the events with a fixed date with the main information concerning them: place and date on which the event will be held and link to the official website where you can find more details: you can consult [...]