2020 trends of beauty industry – part 2

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In the last article, we presented you the first 3 out 6 trends of the beauty industry in 2020. Today, we would like to continue with the second part.

During the pandemic COVID-19 as travel is limited many exhibitions had developed their Virtual Expo to solve the problem. The first edition of WeCosmoprof, the digital event for the global beauty community, took place from 4 to 10 June. participants could range e-meetings with partners and buyers from all over the world and attend webinars, training and insights of beauty trends and products.

Sun protection and environment

The awareness of the importance of using sun protection is constantly increasing.

While the scientists urge people to continue using sunscreen to protect the skin from the damages caused by sun rays, they have also noticed that the washed off sunscreen from our skin could be poisoning marine life and cause serious environmental problems.

Manufacturers must work on solutions that protect both human and environmental health.

Men’s beauty

An article of Vogue says ”Skincare has come a long way since the days where there was only an offering for women.

Nowadays, skincare predominantly comes unisex and, alongside some more traditional men’s skincare brands.” Infact, more and more men are using skincare products. Men’s beauty market has been constantly increasing in the past years. Many brands are launching their product made for men such as SC Johnson purchased men’s skincare brand Oar+Alps for a reported $20M. Tom Ford, YSL and Clinique also successfully selling concealers, bronzers for men.

In 2020 having a specific product line for men could be a plus for your beauty business.

Clean Beauty

In the past year, a term”Clean Beauty” has caught the attention of many manufacturers and consumers of beauty products.

Clean beauty stays for safe, non-toxic products, which has transparent labeling of ingredients. However the focus is not just on ingredient transparency, but also how products are manufactured. As Clean Beauty has become an opportunity for marketing, many producers are applying ‘free-from’ claims on their products to make their products “clean”, but using such a claim doesn’t necessarily make the products safer than other products that don’t have those claims. If not correctly projected, it could also cause several regulation problems. Not least, claims are regulatoried differently in each country over the world.

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