2020 trends of beauty industry – Part 1

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The beginning of 2020 has been tough for the beauty industry: the need to understand where the market is heading is more important than ever.
Here we are pleased to present to you the first 3 out of the 6 most noteworthy trends for the future of the beauty market.

Sustainable packaging

More and more evidence of environmental risk reminds us that we need a shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet.

Natural and sustainable ingredients are now must-haves in the beauty industry, but the same trend that can also be observed in packaging.

A survey done by Nielsen in 2016 reports that millennials would be willing to pay more for sustainable goods. More people are interested in purchasing from a brand that is focused on environment protection and reducing its carbon footprint.

In fact, using sustainable packaging not only can save the environment but it is also an additional way to market your brand and increase your sales.

Technology and Microbiome skincare

Science is the future of the world, even in the beauty industry.

You may have heard about microbiome skincare, but what are they actually about?

The skin microbiome is composed of billions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses which maintains the skin immunity and prevents pathogenic growths. When a healthy composition of microorganisms and bacteria on the skin is disturbed the skin becomes vulnerable to an overgrowth in pathogenic bacteria, increased inflammation, and an altered skin pH.

Moreover, every individual has a different composition of skin microbiome, therefore, taking skin swabs to test bacterial analysis and DNA to understand your personal skin needs and choosing the customised products to your microbiome will be a new approach to beauty in the future.

Food and beauty

The storm of Covid-19 pandemic has brought a higher attention to our mental and physical health.

The consumers will be more likely to choose products with natural and organic ingredients that they are familiar with.

The use of food ingredients for skin care appeals to consumers more than ever. Many food and plant extracts have been used as active ingredients of cosmetic products such as turmeric, coconut oil, probiotics ect. but, producers should be aware that being a food ingredient doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good choice to apply on the skin.

Some ingredients may result in unsafe products and skin intolerances, as well as issues relating to the regulations such as making wrong nutrition-related claims.

Contact us to review your ingredients and make sure that you are using the right claims to avoid regulatory problems.

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