Essential documents for drawing up a compliant PIF

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The preparation of a PIF is a process of fundamental importance to make a cosmetic product compliant. The PIF or Product Information File is a very complete and extensive dossier that verifies the characteristics of the product to assess possible risks and verify the compliance of the product with the European Regulation. Below are the essential documents to draw up a compliant PIF.

Data of the responsible person

  • Information from the person responsible for placing on the market, production workshop and place of packaging.

Product data

  • Formulation, with commercial names of each ingredient and their percentage
  • Technical data sheets and safety data sheets of each ingredient; these documents are issued by the suppliers
  • Technical data sheets and safety data sheets of the packaging material in contact with the product and declaration of suitability for cosmetic use (better if food grade); these documents are issued by the suppliers;
  • Technical data sheet of the product, in which the chemical, physical and microbiological parameters must be indicated;
  • Description of the method of production, filling and packaging.
  • Intended method of use
  • Product label

Statements and tests

  • Stability test report, product-packaging compatibility test, PAO or shelf life
  • Report Challenge test, Patch test, Effectiveness
  • Manufacturer’s declaration regarding compliance with cosmetic GMPs or ISO22716 certification
  • Manufacturer’s declaration of absence of animal testing

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